Glooh helps every day thousands of retailers, organization & corporates

to turn by-passers into potential leads.  

Have you met Ted?

This is Ted, a sushi retailer.

It’s 7PM – one hour to go – and Ted has
a lot of unsold sushis.
Why would he throw it away as he might

make a special offer and inform all the people
around his shop? 

Through the Glooh retail portal,
Ted creates his ad
ready to be displayed

on all the channels around his shop. 
Ted is not a big designer
or a master in marketing.

Fortunately, the platform
allows him to create attractive ads & check all his settings
to better target the audience. 

That’s it! In just two clicks,
Ted has casted his ad and raised a local opportunity. 

The information is visible on all
the relevant channels.
Now, customers have access to this special offer! 

At the sushi shop,
the offer is redeemed.

It’s 8PM and thanks to our platform,
Ted has sold… all his unsold sushis!

Moreover, Ted is now able to measure the conversion rate
via our dashboard

and evaluate how successful
the campaign has been. 

Happy customer, happy retailer!